Thanks for the recommendations. I love your choice of the perfect Jesse Wilcox Smith illustration for your praise of Claire Nader’s new book encouraging tween readers to follow their own curiosity. My branch library was my refuge in the Fifties & Sixties & a letter from my mother allowed me access to the adult side of the library. I became a reference librarian,because my curiosity never waned.

I forwarded your recommendations about China to a friend who used to head the late Confucius Institute at Wayne State University. I remember when you & your wife lived in China (& in Japan & Malaysia) & I read your columns & articles when they first posted. I appreciated the window into cultures I didn’t know. “More Like Us” still sits on my shelf. It is a delightful book.

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Aug 19, 2022·edited Aug 19, 2022

Thanks a bunch, Jim, for more books that I will want to read. Oh, my tired old eyes...

Friendly sarcasm aside, consider me "teased"...

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Fallows, you are a storehouse of useful knowledge and information.Thanks,--BJagoda <Barry@barryjagoda.com>

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