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Stephen Breyer does the right thing. Others should be spared his burden of decision. We should end lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court.
It could be an issue. But it will probably be resolved soon. What to know the next time you hear it come up.
All it took to bring Washington together was .... leaf blowers
None of these is “new.” But nearly all of them are AWOL from political and press discussion of a major threat to American governance. A primer for this…
A man of the Senate, on the ‘weaponization’ of Senate rules, starting with the filibuster. A look at the speech that was Part 2 of the presentation…
He can't win the Nobel Prize for Literature now. But the world can re-appreciate the novels, life, and example of this gifted and big-hearted man.
What we learned from Joe Biden's latest speech. Including: how you develop a theme, from first paragraph to last. Plus, oratory as sub-tweet.
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